Come live in the Peacock Suite!

This apartment is full of gold mirrors, velvet drapes, pink lights, and small victories.  There’s a lot of space, nooks, and different moments I think you’ll like.

A full-sized bed in a bedroom that can either be kept super duper dark, or you can turn on the valance overhead for mood lighting, or you can let some gentle passive light in through the windows.  It’s very well-suited to one person or a couple.

A sweet kitchen with a banquette – if you like to cook, this apartment has the more well-appointed kitchen for entertaining yourself and others.  I totally heart this kitchen.

And a bonus room – where you can spread out all of the great things you found at any one of about 15 vintage shops in the neighborhood (I’m not joking – they’re everywhere and they’re aaaaawesome!).

Bar carts, cute cocktail glasses, sweet bric-a-brac, things that plug in and light up, unicorns, vintage vinyl, and just enough pink.